Motivational Story’ Drop the stones’ to understand Jain

Motivational Story' Drop the stones

Motivational Story’ Drop the stones

Motivational Story’ Drop the stones This is an amazing story. Osho Rajneesh had narrated in one of his discourses. You too read this story. This is what we should do to understand any religion in the world.

A Jain disciple asked- What is there in Jain that even very intelligent people do not understand it?

The Guru picked up a stone and asked- If a lion starts moving towards us and is about to attack, will this stone help us?

The disciple said- Yes, of course. We can scare him by throwing this stone and run away to save his life, but what does all this have to do with Jain.
The Guru asked the disciple – tell me, if I kill you by throwing this stone, is it still of any use?

The disciple was surprised and said- not at all. This would be very bad, but how does this relate to my question?

The Guru dropped the stone down and said – Our mind is very powerful, but it is like this stone. It can be used for both good and evil.
The disciple said- This means that one should have a good mind to understand Jain. Guru said- no. Merely dropping stones is enough.

This story teaches us that the losers of the mind are the losers and the wins of the mind are victories. Only true freedom can be found if we get rid of defeat and victory.

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